BAM 2024 will be October 26–27 in Evanston Illinois


Burn After Meeting is a conference for regional burn event organizers to share practical concerns and solutions, to learn from each other rather than learning the hard way, and to build an environment of mutual support. This short conference format provides the opportunity for organizers to expand both their knowledge base and their networks with valuable face-to-face interaction.

In the spirit of burn events, BAM is participant-driven. Attendees are invited to be speakers and moderators, and to propose and present sessions based on their expertise and experience.

BAM was inspired by Burning Man’s Global Leadership Conference, which was last held in 2017, and aims to create the same lively, collaborative environment and sense of fun.


Roundtable added: Site Ops/DPW – Building the Canvas - A discussion about event infrastructure, and its triumphs and failures. Facilitated by Robin “Bossy Spice” McShaffry
Session added: Guerrilla Emergency Management - A talk on keeping our burns safe, presented by Joel “LoveRhino” Eastland.
Roundtable added: Sustainability at Regional Events - A roundtable discussion exploring how Regional Events can engage in the work of the Burning Man 2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap, moderated by Breedlove
Session added: Volunteeripate – Burn Data Like You’ve Never Seen It - A deep dive into event ticket data by Cabbie.
Voucher codes sent - Voucher codes have been sent to everyone who backed the crowdfunding campaign for BAM 2024. If you were a backer and didn’t receive your codes, get in touch.
Crowdfunding campaign clinches conference - The crowdfunding campaign wrapped up successfully
BAM 2024—planning kickoff - BAM 2024 venue, date, and funding information.
BAM 2023 wrapup - Burn After Meeting 2023 was held Nov 4–5 at the Sonesta Hotel in downtown Denver CO USA. A total of 73 people attended, representing 15 regional-burn orgs, also including a few unaffiliated people and people from BMORG. The schedule consisted of 4 time slots per day, 90 minutes per session, with 3 sessions in parallel, […]
Bookkeeping statement posted - In the interest of transparency, I am posting a record of BAM 2023 transactions. In brief: $10474.73 credits, $14391.06 debits, net -$3916.33.

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