BAM 2023 wrapup

Burn After Meeting 2023 was held Nov 4–5 at the Sonesta Hotel in downtown Denver CO USA. A total of 73 people attended, representing 15 regional-burn orgs, also including a few unaffiliated people and people from BMORG.

The schedule consisted of 4 time slots per day, 90 minutes per session, with 3 sessions in parallel, apart from one time slot where there were only 2 sessions.

One room was set up for roundtable discussions: instead of a presenter speaking to an audience, the room was set up “empty square, ” with a facilitator and stack-keeper for a lightly-structured peer discussion.

In addition to a reception area between the function rooms, there was a room set aside as the “lounge.” This had four ten-top tables, and was a place where people could retreat for some quiet, or hold mini-talks.

Tickets were $145, and covered light breakfast and coffee for the two days of the conference.

Coincidentally, the local Burner community had built the Temple of Tranquility in nearby Boulder. Also coincidentally, the Temple was closing the first day of the conference. Some conference participants made a field trip there the night before the conference began.

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