Volunteer swaps & shift shadowing

Many regional burn events offer tickets to volunteers from other organizations and shift shadowing so that they can learn from their counterparts. So far, this has worked on an ad-hoc basis.

Burn After Meeting is setting up this form to collect this information in one place, and will share it with leadership of regional burns. If your organization has tickets set aside for volunteers from other burns, and/or shifts available for shadowing, and you want to make that information more widely known, please fill out this form.

Volunteer Swap & Shift Shadow pledge

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Is there a special web page or access code for obtaining these tickets? Or a certain person to contact? Put all that here.
For each shift that you're making available for shadowing, give as much information as you can: what the position is, where it fits in the organization, how long a shift is, required credentials, etc.
Are there any restrictions on who can take advantage of this, or who has access to this information? Anything else you want to mention?