Crowdfunding campaign clinches conference

The crowdfunding campaign wrapped up successfully overnight—we reached our target amount the day before, and sales on the last day put us well over the top. The target was to sell 90 tickets, and by end of the campaign, we had sold 122.

What happens next

  • Now that we’ve hit our goal, I’ll be signing a contract with the hotel. The details are already worked out; I’ll be posting more information about that later.
  • I need to install some software on this website, configure it, and test it.
  • I’ll generate voucher codes and distribute them to all the ticket buyers.
  • After crowdfunding-campaign backers receive their voucher code, they’ll be able to register for the conference;
  • Backers who bought more than one ticket should hand off the voucher codes to the people who will actually be using them, and let them register themselves.
  • The registration form will ask for information to include on name badge and in the opt-in participant directory, and for dietary preferences.
  • People who backed the campaign in an amount less than the price of a ticket will receive a piece of any schwag we wind up producing, but that will be around the time of the event.
  • I’ll be setting up an online forum for discussion before and after the conference; ticket-buyers will receive an invitation to that when they register.

Now that the crowdfunding campaign has ended, tickets will be available via this website for $185; there will be a pause in sales while I get the website set up. I will be capping attendance at about 200 people.

Having so many people back this conference is gratifying and humbling.

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