Emergency Management for Producer-level Volunteers

This presentation is a starting point for how to anticipate the unexpected, how to plan for those misfortunes, how to prevent or mitigate them, and how to respond when the world outside of the event wants to know what happened and why your response was (or was not!) effective.

We will go over how to look at your event site for vulnerabilities, both inherent and participant-created, threats that may impinge on those vulnerabilities, and the risks created by the combination of particular threats attacking particular vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities, threats, and risks are much more wide-ranging topics than you think they are.

This is loosely based on the IS-15 “Special Events Contingency Planning for Public Safety Agencies” course at FEMA’s National Training and Education Division (go to the National Preparedness Course Catalog, and search for IS0015.b). If you have an interest in specializing in this kind of planning and management, please consider taking the class before coming to Burn After Meeting.

The presentation will take between 45 minutes and an hour. We’ll spend the remainder of the time discussing scenarios and recent events, including the return of Lake Lahontan in September.

Slide deck here.

Session presenters:

Date & time: Sunday, 05 Nov 2023 9:00am

Location: Ellingwood A

Tagged: safety

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