Alex “Context” Head

Alex “Context” Head

Alex "Context" Head

Alex Context is a current board member with Myschievia (NTXB) and a graduate student in emergency management and disaster science at the University of North Texas (UNT). They strive in both roles to balance a consensus-building approach to communications with effective cybernetic-driven crisis management. In their position as Planning Section Chief and coordinator for Safetyside, they have expanded Texas burner safety teams’ use and adaptation of public best practice emergency management resources to include a comprehensive exercise development and improvement planning cycle.

Beyond their role as Myschievia LLC and Actual, they have been heavily involved in burner safety planning in and beyond Texas with current and past departmental affiliations in Fire, Rangers, including membership on the Lone Star Regional Ranger Council (LSRRC), Sanctuary, and Emergency Services Dispatch at the Gerlach Regional. Their approach to many challenges they face while wearing various burner volunteer hats and in default world working environments is heavily informed by mid-century second-order cybernetics and by humanistic geography. So, while they can’t solve every problem with a decision tree and participatory mapping, they may likely start there.

Context lives in Irving, TX, amongst friends, loved ones, and their cat and constant companion, Happi (not pictured). When time permits, and some fool lets them plug into a video projector, they love to share their video art in pre-recorded long form and in live mixed sets under the stage name Inter-Cosmos.