Round Table: Site Ops/DPW – Building the Canvas

Bulding the Canvas — Are you part of setting up infrastructure for your event, whether you call it DPW or Site Ops or any other name? Let’s talk about how we do it, how not to do it, vendor shenanigans — anything related to getting your burn up and running before it’s overrun with burners and torn down after the burners have had their time. What departments do you have set up? What kinds of infrastructure does your burn provide? What went right or wrong for you this year or last year? How do you acquire and retain your volunteers and leads? What are some special circumstances of your burn?

Come talk through your burn event prep with other Site Ops volunteers and leads and learn about best practices and how not to do it. Bring your event planning details to share!

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe” — Carl Sagan

Session presenters:

Date & time: Friday, 14 Jun 2024 3:15pm



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